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I don't understund your language, but I think I should mention, that in russian there is no word чокаемыйсь. bàn luận không ký tên vừa rồi là của (thảo luận • đóng góp) 01:11, ngày 15 tháng 11 năm 2006 (UTC)

The entry currently lists чокаемыйсь as the past participle of чокаться. I don't know any Russian, so I can't fix it myself, but I sent a message to David, someone who does know a little Russian. Hopefully he can help correct these errors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. – Nguyễn Xuân Minh (thảo luận, đóng góp) 21:47, 16 tháng 11 2006 (UTC)
The "1st pers. pl. + -ый" is actually a present, passive participle. Since a verb like "чокаться" (to touch glasses) would probably not be often used in passive forms, a participle like "чокаемыйсь" indeed doesn't make much sense. But since the template being used to generate the conjugations includes this form automatically, I don't know how we could correct this. I one day (a long time ago, when wikt:vi was still in it's preliminary fase) thought about adding Russian verbs with conjugations in a template, but Russian grammar is just a touch too chaotic to make a template for. So I went to do other things around here. The only option I can see is, in fact, to convert all the templates to their content and then start correcting what is needed... Mark that I allready made a comment about the templates here. David Da Vit 12:07, 19 tháng 11 2006 (UTC)