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Thảo luận Thành viên:mxn/2005

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Các tin nhắn gửi cho Nguyễn Xuân Minh vào năm 2005

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Hi Minh. Very proudly I announce you that Wiktionary:nl now contains 200 Vietnamese words. It's not all my contributions, but I'm proud of it anyway. If you like, I can help you here in the few free minutes I have and that are too short for any work on Wikipedia. I also have the impression that this Wiktionary is not as templatised (if that is correct English) as the Dutch one. I can take the NL example and do the same thing here, which – according to me – may well ease certain things considerably. (So, if you ever plan to translate "template", I'd say it's the moment.) Greets, David 13:23, 2 Mar 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re:_Hi.

All right. I'll "templatize" further when needed. As for the data in dictionaries being structured... I don't know about that. Once one starts making dictionaries between really different languages (Việt-Hòa for exemple), it can get pretty "freestyle". But I'll try and keep some structure. ;-) I'll keep you informed. David Da Vit 23:08, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Hi again. I have, as you have undoubtedly remarked already, made a start at "templatizing". Doing thus I have remarked that Wiktionary:vi is not yet case-sensitive, as a good dictionary ought to be. I don't know how that can be made to be, but it is possible. Can you do this thing for me? Thank you. David Da Vit 23:38, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Cases.

I've put a question at the Dutch Village Pump asking for help. Maybe someone there can help. As for it being useful, in Dutch or in French for example using the wrong case would be like writing "Minh" with a q. Going case-sensitive will surely break links and several articles will have to be renamed, but I think we can better do that now rather than when we hit ten tousand words. As for that last bit about the CSS file, that's above a poor physics student like me. :-) I've also seen that you've translated the names of the templates. I don't know if that's a good idea. Two reasons: using the same template names on all Wiktionaries eases copy-pasting between Wiktionaries considerably, and there's people thinking about making one Wiktionary ("één WikiWoordenboek", as it's called in Dutch) including all others. Creating this will be much easier if alle Wiktionaries use the same template names. David Da Vit 22:55, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Cases.

It's only the first letter all right. If you can do that on your own, well I'd say go ahead. Thank you for your patience and till next problem. :-) David Da Vit 23:28, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Cases.

The reactions on the Dutch Village Pump told me that it's very easy to make the change. I've asked how. As for usefulness: I know it doesn't really matter in Vietnamese, but in French for example "Français" means "người Pháp" while "français" means "tiếng Pháp". The final goal is not only to build a Việt-other language dictionary, but also other language-Việt. And French is not the only language on earth where people care about their capitals. In Dutch for example I can't immediately give you an example of where it's contrastive, but if you'd write "Minh Spreekt vietnamees," it would be an incredible mistake. As if one'd write: "Minh sdlkjkasn al;kjasdltknklj," but only a little less wrong. David Da Vit 15:31, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

GerardM told me he's asked the programmers to do it and it ought to be ok now. He's also said that the "Ultimate Wiktionary" is starting to become more reality and less filosophy, so in about half a year, things may well start to change for real. Greetz. David Da Vit 09:57, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
See User talk:David#Re: Cases.

I don't know about English Wiktionary, but if they don't make the difference between capitalised and non-capitalised words right now, I think they should change that. I understand if they don't, for it will probably be more than a hassle. In Wikipedia whether the first letter is capitalised or not doesn't really matter, since it's an encyclopedia. It explains things, objects, philosophies and that kind of things, so if one does all that with an abundance of orthografical and other mistakes, the content will be just as fine. A dictionary on the other hand explains meaning and orthography! It's true that in all languages I've heard of in my life and that use Latin alphabet, the first letter of a sentence is a capital (except in Klingon), but that's a seperate feature of orthography that is not necessary in a dictionary. Anyway, it's done now. A few pages are to be renamed and plenty of new pages have to be made. Now these can be made in the correct case from the start. David Da Vit 11:30, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Cases.

I think so. There's users with non-capitalized usernames on the Dutch Wiktionary. David Da Vit 09:05, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I add interwikis now and then, but not consistently. I once got the remark that there's bots doing that kind of work (but not here, I suppose?) and that I don't have to bother adding them by hand... Doesn't it help if you log in as a user on nl:? David Da Vit 12:50, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Blocked by SORBS.

Help! (it's tables now, for a change)

Hi Minh. I've started an "appendix" after en: (and soon after nl:) example, with a beginning of Dutch conjugations. (I wanted to start Russian declension, but computers at university don't have Russian keyboard. I haven't really added any Russian words as yet because I didn't khow how to mention the declension pattern, but with this kind of appendices that should be easier.) I've tried making a table (see here) and I'm already really proud of what I've made of it. But it's still nog quite what it ought to be. Could you have a look at it, please? Thanks. David Da Vit 15:28, 3 May 2005 (UTC)

Minh, congratulate me. Wiktionary:Sự biến ngôi bằng tiếng Hòa Lan. SIX tables, all on my own! (And that with the server being continually down.) All we need now, are words... ;-) David Da Vit 14:47, 10 May 2005 (UTC)


I thought you were going to make me an admin one day? Do these procedures take long or have you just forgotten? (Or do you think I'm not good enough anymore ;-) ?) David Da Vit 5 July 2005 19:07 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Sysop.
Why, okay. I've got some new buttons now. Thanks. I've made some publicity in the guestbook of TĐTV. Hope it'll work... Greets. David Da Vit 6 July 2005 12:48 (UTC)

Template for common gender

The template for the common gender was missing, so I added it. I'm not sure it's correct, though. Since "common" in Việt is chúng I made it gch (so as to not have any ambiguity with feminine gc). If you have a better idea, please go ahead and make it so. I'm using this notation mostly for all Dutch words that can be either masculine or feminine, which isn't done very commonly, so I suppose I'll have to write another appendix one day to explain what means what. Greets. David Da Vit 16:56, 29 July 2005 (UTC)

See User talk:David#Re: Template for common gender.
Well, for these Dutch words m & f could indeed be used. But on the other hand there are languages that possess a common gender tout court. I don't speak any of them and I'm not sure whether m & f couldn't be used there too. I suppose that, if somebody comes along to add words in these languages, he/she will have to make the template according to what he/she's used to. I'll start using m & f then for Dutch too. David Da Vit 08:16, 30 July 2005 (UTC)

Some changes

Everything's in Vietnamese all of a sudden, I've seen... Good thing. I'll have to learn a few new words, but that's okay. I suppose everything I've done so far is still working? Greets. David Da Vit 12:33, ngày 05 tháng 9 năm 2 005 (UTC)

P.S.: I've done another fit on the growth of Wikipedia:vi. Based on the numbers of the last 12 months I've got a reasonably good exponential fit giving doubling of the wiki every 3 months (that's x 1000 every 2,5 years, though I don't know if such extrapolations are really reliable on so long terms). The numbers of the last 7 months give a wonderful linear fit (R²=0,9899 if that tells you anything) and gives a monthly growth of about 300 articles. I haven't been doing any fits for Wiktionary, since I suppose these will be a little more depressing. ;-) David Da Vit 12:33, ngày 05 tháng 9 năm 2 005 (UTC)

See Thảo luận Thành viên:David#Re: Some changes.

Why, okay. I'm already looking out for the loads of people, though I doubt it will be as fantastic as with Wikipedia. The Dutch Wiktionary has got only about four or five active users that I know of, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. The wiki's growing pretty well. Well, we'll see. Have fun at school! ;-) David Da Vit 11:33, ngày 08 tháng 9 năm 2 005 (UTC)